Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Winter Stashbusters!

 I have done very little knitting over the last few months, due to my 'Knitting Studio' being too cold. I have been busy crocheting up lots of odd balls of yarn in an effort to reduce my stash!

I am quite pleased with the results. The hexigon throw, above, is a new variation on the grannie squares I normally use. The yarns were used double and treble to make an aran thickness.

These two bags were also crocheted using multi strands of yarn in lots of different textures. The first is a tote bag and the second is a draw-string. I think they will both make useful project bags.

 This is both sides of a bag made in Recycled Sari Silk. I used 'scrumble' or 'free' knitting and crochet to gain a totally random feel to the amazing varied colours and textures in the yarn. As the silk pieces are very irregular and knotted together it is not too easy to work with. It is also very harsh so it would not make a wearable item. I tried washing and steaming it as recommended on the internet but it didn't work and some of the knots came undone and had to be repaired. I now realise that there are various qualities of this yarn available so I shall be more choosy in future but the resulting fabric is wonderful and I'm not disappointed!

These are two highly textured scarfs using 'ripple stitch' crochet, which is new to me. Again I mixed multi strands of different yarns and ribbons to obtain a rich fabric. This may well be my new addiction! All those odd balls of yarn I meant to throw out are being treasured again. I will have to live to a very old age to use my stash which I like to think of as 'loft insulation'.

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